Revised Final Interpretation for RI # 127 - Work unit not at the right place

Date: 10/25/2002
Subject: Work unit not at the right place
Revision: 1
Reason for revision: Editorial changes for readability
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: CEM, Section 4.4.8 (ASE_TSS.1)


In the CEM, work unit ASE_TSS.1-6 deals with the SOF claim for functions; it should be in ASE_TSS.1.10C. In addition, it is unclear in the CEM whether the evaluator performs the analysis or the evaluator checks an analysis provided by the developer.


The work unit is in the right location.

The developer provides the analysis.

Specific Changes

In the CEM, paragraph 490 is changed to:

The evaluator determines that for each IT security function for which a strength of function claim is appropriate, the TOE summary specification rationale demonstrates that this claim is adequate for all TOE security functional requirements that it traces back to.



ASE_TSS.1.10C states that each appropriate function must have an SOF claim but does not require an examination of the correctness of this claim. This correctness-check (whether functions with SOF claims are suitable to meet functional requirements with SOF claims) falls under ASE_TSS.1.6C. The work unit is therefore at the right place.