Final Interpretation for RI # 13 - Multiple SOF claims for multiple domains in a single TOE

Date: 10/15/2000
Subject: Multiple SOF claims for multiple domains in a single TOE
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: CC Part 3, Section 5.6 (ASE_REQ)
CC Part 3, Section 14.3 (AVA_SOF)
CEM Reference: 


The CC implies that a single minimum SOF claim should be made for the TOE. This is inadequate for TOEs that operate in multiple domains.


It is acceptable to define a PP or ST for a TOE that operates in multiple domains with a minimum SOF level claim for each domain. The CC is interpreted as detailed in the specific change below. The CEM addresses this issue in paragraphs 236, 237, 425 and 426.

Specific Changes

A new paragraph is added after paragraph 157 (APE_REQ) and paragraph 178 (ASE_REQ):

The CC recognises the validity of multiple SOF domains within a given TOE. A SOF domain is a subset of the TOE (logical or physical) for which a specific functional strength level is appropriate, in the context of the intended environment. This allows for a TOE with some functionality having a higher minimum strength requirement than other functionality. For a TOE with multiple SOF domains, the phrase "minimum strength of function" is used to indicate the set that contains the minimum strength of function for each domain, identified by domain. Additionally, the requirements rationale must consider the SOF level for each domain in light of how that that domain impacts meeting the security objectives.