Revised Final Interpretation for RI # 133 - Consistency analysis in AVA_MSU.2

Date: 10/25/2002
Subject: Consistency analysis in AVA_MSU.2
Revision: 1
Reason for revision: The specific change paragraph reference was the page reference
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: CEM, Section 8.10.1 (AVA_MSU.2)


On Page 322, paragraph 1688 there is a reference to the annex on consistency analysis. There is no consistency analysis in this work unit so the reference to the guidance on consistency analysis is not useful.


Consistency analysis is not necessary in work unit 4:AVA_MSU.2-8

Specific Changes

Paragraph 1688 on page 322 of the CEM is removed.