Final Interpretation for RI # 138 - Iteration and narrowing of scope

Date: 06/05/2002
Subject: Iteration and narrowing of scope
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: CC Part 2, Section 2.1.4
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: CEM, Section 3.4.5 (APE_REQ.1)
CEM, Section 4.4.6 (ASE_REQ.1)


The question of "narrowing of scope" (i.e., limiting the applicability of an element) has recently been debated as to whether it is an acceptable refinement. It is not clear from the CC and the CEM that all aspects of a requirement must be covered.


If iteration is used to narrow applicability to a portion of the TOE, the collection of all the iterations must cover all aspects of the requirement.

Specific Changes

The CC v2.1, Part 1, section is updated per interpretation 019.