Final Interpretation for RI # 212- Relationship between FPT_PHP and FMT_MOF

Date: 10/31/2003
Subject: Relationship between FPT_PHP and FMT_MOF
CC Part #1 Reference:  
CC Part #2 Reference: CC Part 2, FPT_PHP
CC Part 2, Annex J.7 (FPT_PHP)
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: 


Management activities are incorrectly handled in FPT_PHP.1. CC v2.1 indicates that FPT_PHP.1 is dependent on FMT_MOF.1. However, FPT_PHP.1 does not require user roles to be present in order to determine whether physical tampering has occurred, although a management function could be considered for such a role.


FPT_PHP.1 is not dependent on FMT_MOF.1, although inclusion of the FPT_PHP.1 component in a PP or ST could require a management function for the user or role that determines whether physical tampering has occurred.

Specific Changes

The following changes are made to CC v2.1 Part 2:



No additional rationale required, the interpretation speaks for itself.