Final Interpretation for RI # 33 - CC use of "Check"

Date: 10/15/2000
Subject: CC use of "Check"
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: CC Part 3, Section 16.4 (AMA_SIA)
CEM Reference: 


In AMA_SIA.*.2E the verb "check" is used. However, the evaluator action described indicates that confirm would be appropriate. Since this is the only use of "check" in CC part 3, the definition in 2.4 can be removed.


"Check" was used in error in AMA_SIA and "check" should be removed from section 2.4 of CC Part 3.

Specific Changes

The use of "check" in AMA_SIA.1.2E and AMA_SIA.2.2E is replaced with "confirm" and paragraph 70 of CC Part 3 is deleted.