Final Interpretation for RI # 43 - Meaning of "clearly stated" in APE/ASE_OBJ.1

Date: 02/16/2001
Subject: Meaning of "clearly stated" in APE/ASE_OBJ.1
CC Part #1 Reference: 
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: CC Part 3, Section 4.4 (APE_OBJ)
CC Part 3, Section 5.4 (ASE_OBJ)
CEM Reference: 


ASE_OBJ.1.2C and ASE_OBJ.1.3C state that “The security objectives [...] shall be clearly stated [...]”. This seems superfluous with the coherency requirement in ASE_OBJ.1.2E.


Use of the term "clearly stated" in ASE_OBJ.1.2/3C and APE_OBJ.1.2/3C is essentially a duplication of the requirement for coherence in ASE_OBJ.1.2E and APE_OBJ.1.2E, and the term should be ignored.

Specific Changes

The words “clearly stated and” are deleted from APE_OBJ.1.2C, APE_OBJ.1.3C, ASE_OBJ.1.2C and ASE_OBJ.1.3C.


This is consistent with the approach taken in the remainder of the ASE and APE classes in the CC. The references to “clearly stated” in CC Part 1 B/C.2.5 are equivalent to the requirements for coherence in APE/ASE_OBJ.1.2E. The CEM does not address use of the term "clearly stated" at all, and omits it from the work units.