Final Interpretation for RI # 67 - Application notes missing

Date: 10/15/2000
Subject: Application notes missing
CC Part #1 Reference: CC Part 1, Annex C
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: 


Annex B of CC Part 1 indicates the presence of an application notes section for a protection profile (PP), but Annex C of CC Part 1 does not for a security target (ST). Yet it appears that application notes are just as likely in an ST as in a PP.


Application notes are an optional part of an ST in a manner similar to PP application notes. The CC is interpreted as detailed in the specific change below.

Specific Changes

An additional subclause is added after CC Part 1 subclause C.2.8:

"Application notes:

This optional part of an ST may contain additional information considered relevant or useful for the understanding of the ST. Note that if the ST claims compliance with the requirements of a PP, it may be appropriate that certain information contained in a potential application notes section of the PP is incorporated into other sections of the ST. For example, information concerning the construction of the TOE is probably more appropriately presented in the TOE summary specification or the ST rationale than in a separate application notes section. To ease evaluation of the ST, and given that the structure for the presentation of an ST outlined in this annex is not normative, an application note containing evaluation relevant material should be a part of the section of the ST that provides the evidence for that evaluation aspect."