Final Interpretation for RI # 98 - Limitation of refinement

Date: 02/11/2002
Subject: Limitation of refinement
CC Part #1 Reference: CC Part 1, Section 4.4.1
CC Part #2 Reference: 
CC Part #3 Reference: 
CEM Reference: 


What is the difference between refinement and explicit requirements?


Any change to an existing CC requirement (from Part 2 or Part 3) is either a refinement or an extension. In order for a change to be a refinement, in lieu of an extension, the change must satisfy both the following conditions:

  • a TOE meeting the changed requirement would also meet the unchanged requirement, as interpreted in the context of a particular PP or ST; and
  • the changed requirement does not extend the scope of the original.

  • Specific Changes

    The CC v2.1, Part 1, section is updated per interpretation 019.