Final Interpretation for RI # 180 - COV.3 dependency on FSP.1




COV.3 dependency on FSP.1

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Section 13.1 (ATE_COV.3) 

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ATE_COV.3.3C demands a rigorous demonstration that all external interfaces identified in the functional specification have been completely tested. ATE_COV.3 has a dependency on ADV_FSP.1, which does not provide "complete details of all effects, exceptions and error messages", which would make it impossible for the evaluator to determine whether ATE_COV.3.3C has been met.

Draft Interpretation

The dependency of ATE_COV.3 should be on ADV_FSP.2, ensuring all details of effects, exceptions and error messages are provided to facilitate the exhaustive testing of the external interfaces.

Specific Changes

CC, Part 3, Section 13.1 is changed as follows:


ADV_FSP.2 Fully defined external interfaces

ATE_FUN.1 Functional testing


This interpretation aligns the dependencies from ATE_COV.3 with its requirements for external interface testing.