International Common Criteria Conferences

The annual International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) is the main marketing and meeting opportunity for all those involved in the specification, development, evaluation and validation or certification of IT security.

This important event brings together Certification Bodies, Evaluation Laboratories, Experts, Policy Makers, and Product Developers interested in the specification, development, evaluation and certification of IT security.

Date Venue Archives
1-3 October 2019 Singapore Conference Web Site
30 October-1 November 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands Conference Web Site
27-29 September 2016 Izmir, Turkey Cancelled
22-24 September 2015 Windsor, United Kingdom  
9-11 September 2014 New Delhi, India  
10-12 September 2013 Orlando, Florida, United States of America Conference Web Site
18-20 September 2012 Paris, France Offline
27-29 September 2011 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
21-23 September 2010 Antalya, Turkey  
22-24 September 2009 Tromsö, Norway Conference Web Site
23-25 September 2008 Jeju, Korea Conference Web Site
25-27 September 2007 Rome, Italy Offline
19-21 September 2006 Lanzarote, Spain Archive
28-29 September 2005 Tokyo, Japan Conference Web Site
28-30 September 2004 Berlin, Germany
7-9 September 2003 Stockholm, Sweden
13-14 May 2002 Ottawa, Canada
18-19 July 2001 Brighton, United Kingdom
23-25 May 2000 Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America