Database Management Systems

CCDB iTC Liaison:  Sweden

Introduction and Status

An iTC for DBMS was approved and established by the CCDB in October 2018 after review and approval of the Essential Security Requirements document for Database Management Systems. The ESR was produced by the DBMS TC. The document can be found here: Essential Security Requirements.

The iTC comprises participants from 3 nations, at present: Sweden, Japan and Germany.

The iTC also includes key DBMS developers and laboratories with experience in the DBMS technology.

The iTC is open to stakeholders with an interest in the security of Database Management Systems. To join the iTC, please message:

Position Statements

Information about DBMS cPP Position Statements can be found here: Position Statements.

DBMS Public Release: DBMS cPP and Supporting Documents v1.0 Published

The DBMS iTC has published their collaborative Protection Profile and Supporting Documents v1.0. Please visit the DBMS iTC home page to access the published documents.